Sexological bodywork

Are you interested in sexological bodywork? I am a student currently in certification phase. I give sessions on sliding scale.
Come check how a session goes, and find out if sexbod can support your sexual empowerment 🌈

🍑What is sexological bodywork?
It is a body-based approach that opens spaces where individuals, couples and groups can learn about sexuality and intimacy.

We support clients into:

  • deepening their capacity to enjoy body sensations and live a sexuality that is more connected to the body (erotic embodiment)
  • establishing deeper and more consensual bonds in their intimate encounters
  • creating their sexual experiences and communicate their desires more consciously (sexual empowerment)
  • deepening their knowledge about their their sexuality and developing their erotic abilities

🦄For who is sexological bodywork?
For everyone! People with all body types, gender, sex and sexual orientation are invited to take sexbod sessions if they feel a call to it.
As a queer afab practionner i give priority to queer and/or afab clients, and welcome everyone else aswell.

📍Location and accessibility
I give sessions online and offline.
My praxis is located near Hermanplatz, unfortunately on 2nd floor without lift, so if this is an issue for you I can also come to your place (in Berlin).
I also give sessions in Paris and Toulouse on a regular basis.

📐Ethical rules of sexbod:

  • no romantic or sexual relationship between client and practitionner
  • the practitionner remains fully clothed during the session
  • one way touch (touch goes only from practitionner to client, no reciprocity dynamic)
  • safer sex: we wear gloves for all genital touch

As I am still a student, I do mini-prices until the end of november.

  • The preliminary call or meet-up (20min) is free, there we get to know each other and answer questions about how do sessions go
  • Then each session is paid on sliding scale from 18€/h
    (my recommandation would be: low income: 18€/h; medium income: 30€/h; high income: 45€/h)

From 1h30 to 3h depending on the learning intention of the client.

I give sessions in french or english, mixed with a bit of german or spanish if needed.

🌿About me
I am Marin Marie, a white dyadic FtX multitasking artist living with chronic illness. I am a social worker, intersectional activist, energetic healer, sexological bodywork student and workshops facilitator.

🌺About my sex school, the Institute of Sexological Bodywork Berlin

☎️Contact me here